9061 Gaylord Street buy priligy (map)
Houston, TX 77024
713-465-8200 - The Rub
713-467-9000 - Catering
Mon - Fri: 11:00am-2:00pm
Saturday: 5:30pm-9:30pm

Jonathan's The Rub is a family-owned and operated business. Jonathan Levine is the executive chef and owner, his two children and nephew play important roles in maintaining the labor and time intensive business. Jonathan's son Sam is busy during the day maintaining some semblance of order and his daughter, Jessica, is actively involved as Manager, and her presence is felt while running the dining room floor.

Jonathan's The Rub actually started out as Uncle Jon's Catering in the memorial villages in September of 2004. Jonathan's reputation for dazzling his clients ( buy clomid and their guests), with his unique and upscale cuisine, allowed the brand and name to evolve into Jonathan's Catering. Once it was clear that the demand existed, it became time for a larger location! We started out sharing half of the space of our current location with Freezable Feast. But Jonathan's catering clients insisted that he open a BYOB restaurant here in the Memorial Villages .......And so, in March, 2008, Jonathan's The Rub opened its doors!

We feel that it is our duty to ensure that every guest not only has great food, but has a great time. Jonathan's is a place for people to come in, feel comfortable, be themselves, and hopefully leave with a few more friends and a satisfied celebrity porn appetite. The restaurant grew out of and adapted to the demands of the Memorial Villages community, and it's our job to give people a fun place to eat and to enjoy life.




THE RUB is a blend of imported spices created for the passionate palette. It contains handpicked spices that our family has engineered for pure taste-bud levitra online satisfaction, and to bring out the flavors in everything we make. When we say we put THE RUB on everything, it's not hyperbole. From our garlic bread to filet mignon, the blackened scallops to our side of mushrooms; its presence is everywhere. It's the quality and combination of spices that lightly tease your palate and give The Rub its ability to complement any dish. When you use THE RUB you'll understand how delicious food can be.

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